Having financial skills basic personal one of the most important things that you can do to live life healthy, happy and safe. imagedep, english tran


The Need To Teach Personal Finance At School

Posted by Sam - 2019-09-01 07:59:07

Personal Finance

Having financial skills basic personal one of the most important things that you can do to live life healthy, happy and safe.

The level of your understanding of budgeting, savings, debt, investment basics will affect every part of your life and can mean the difference between welfare and poverty.

With how important these basic life skills, it is appalling that 17 states only require students to get a course in high school in personal finance. Secondary schools included engineering, arts, Latin, and home economics-all that is worth living for sure. But how many times do you need to calculate the semi-carnage on a daily basis? Personal funding is a necessary life-skills skill to be taught in schools. There's five reasons there.:

The money one touches everything.

At the age of twelve, pushes children to the world is affected by every step they take, from graduation to retirement, is directly influenced by their knowledge of financial skills and money management. Important decisions, buying a first home, marriage, having children-funding all play a large role in each of these life events. And it's not just the big ones, the funding is part of our daily lives. Where we eat, what we buy, travel, go out with friends or negotiate prices, we face financial decisions every day. Young people lack the experience and training necessary to make these decisions-large and small.

The majority of Americans want personal financial education in schools.

When it comes to education the past in schools, many adults that more needs to be done to help students get an early start. Recently Credit Karma/Qualtrics survey found that 63% of respondents thought personal finance education should be taught in schools. Although nearly two-thirds of Americans agree on the importance of funding in our schools, the respondents are divided fairly when this happens.

When it comes to learning about personal finance some controversy about where this training should take place or about how, despite being young, many Americans with the help of the study shows that personal finance education in the school is aligned to bring to the political agenda. More than three quarters (77%) of those surveyed believe politicians should be paid to add financial education in schools, 67% of those surveyed prefer to vote for a candidate who arranged to add mandatory personal finance education to the school year.

In addition, happy hour Americans (35%), dating practices (29%), morning coffee (24%), holidays (12%), and even their sex life, including better financial education that would be willing to give up much to get (8%).

Lack of financial knowledge has painful consequences.

It is understood that funding is one of the main reasons for the pressure on adults. Anyone can relate to this stress; even the richest people have felt financial pain at one time or another. The lack of debt and / or savings can cause significant distress in a person's life. It doesn't Just Cause daily stress. Financial problems can lead to divorce, poor health, depression and Bankruptcy.

The statistics below show that many adults feel the pressure of financial problems. Most of this information can be avoided with some background information.

Financial literacy leads to a healthy life

Where else would they learn?

The study showed that instead of the lessons of personal finance Sponsored by the school, turned many Americans to alternative sources of advice and financial information. For example, 41 per cent of surveyed they educated themselves, while 37 per cent of them said that their parents taught them funding. Only 12 per cent said they had learned about personal funding from teachers.
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