After a mans family died in what appears to be a murder, he received a call from one of the dead, his nephew. hes not sure if its a ghost or if he


Don't Let Go Full Movie Video Comments

Posted by Sam - 2019-09-02 00:46:19

Horror Movie

After a man's family died in what appears to be a murder, he received a call from one of the dead, his nephew. He's not sure if it's a ghost or if he's crazy, but as it turns out, is not.

I'm still watching this movie " reliving it.""The cop knows that his nephew and his parents were killed. He's just starting to get calls from his dead nephew. is his ghost calling from the other side? No, two weeks before he and his family were killed.. ... A call from the past, and then the police try to stop them.

This film is a recent redacted version of "frequency" (2000), starring Jim cafizel and Dennis Quaid. Instead of a father and a dual son who bonded over time, they are now an uncle and nephew. Other differences include mobile phones instead of important radio for communication. I have another comment for the film.

Is the movie Good? I think so. are there any better movies out there? Sure and definitely worse than her. I don't think he's worth paying for a movie ticket to watch this. You stay more comfortable at home and get a movie night. Pay less to broadcast original films and other movies with the money saved on the ticket on any of the broadcast services available are countless.

It's an amazing, mind-controlling, brain-stimulating film I saw at the Sundance Film Festival. A detective from the Los Angeles police discovered the murder of brother-in-law sister and brother shortly after, he began receiving phone calls from the son of his dead brother. Is our hero crazy ? Is he dreaming ? Dead? I'm not gonna ruin the ending, but this movie is absolutely amazing and it's definitely worth the time. Will keep you intrigued and on the edge of your seat story of her early mental excitement it's unique and wonderful and unlike anything I'd ever seen or read it, it's definitely a movie you should watch it

A film about taking the time to correct the error passes quickly we don't feel much with the characters on the screen, because the whole plot is very fast so that you end it before you feel anything. No one's good enough for an actor to save this movie from his cut-off story line. They're making a good effort but a man's up. It's a great concept and everything, except everyone needs to slow down to enjoy it, too.

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