After his father was killed, young prince assad fled his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and courage. imagedep, english tra


The Lion King Full Movie Video And Comments

Posted by Garbage - 2019-09-02 00:50:45

Animation Movie

After his father was killed, young prince Assad fled his kingdom only to learn the true meaning of responsibility and courage.

I didn't want to see that movie. I didn't want the rat to think that I in any way support this new direction to rebuild the ancient classics Disney with representatives of the wood and cgi shine. But unfortunately, I've been dragged to the cinema anyway, and I'm here to tell you that I feel very ashamed that Mouse Disney Black large taking my money. One more time.

Because you're right, I didn't want to watch this movie because this is the bottom of the barrel. Other films were filmed for re-filming , but at least all had something new. Another angle to make it interesting, a little roll. This, on the other hand? Holy cow in heaven, that's bad. The beginning, for example. You know, the circle of life is one of the most famous and spectacular movie premiere in history. Same thing. Aim for the shot, camera angle for the camera angle, exactly the same. You know, it's not colorful or creative or attractive. Because it had to seem real in this case, apparently means that everything is generally more wrinkled, dusty and/or dirty. Because this is Serengeti for you. According to the filmmakers,

Fortunately they stopped short with the minute snapshot of energy, thankfully, but that was just a little relief. Because you know what else happens when you try to make everything look as real as possible? Except everything seems to give you fleas that make everything seem insensitive! Lions aren't very popular for a wide range of facial expressions. The reason you can make animated movies with animals as key characters is because animators don't care that lions don't have facial expressions. You can get out of the world of the living and that's completely possible you can overestimated in the rules, and play loose. To compensate, you use colors, shapes, and perspectives to make them look interesting. There's no such thing in this movie! It's boring, unfeeling, flat table reading the conversations that we all know and love, but nothing is given to support them.

Not helping is the fact that they hire famous vocal actors. These people are talented artists, yes, and that's on the poster, but none of them is exactly famous for their abilities on the voice acting. Even James Earl Jones feels he's about to step forward and pass behind the curtain at any moment.

And I actually got it wrong before. There's something new in this thing. A song. It's a Beyonce song called Saul, because apparently that was the price of getting him on the plane. Or maybe Disney wants an original Oscar nomination song. I don't know, but the song sucks and feels like exactly what it is. Forced, stuck in a last-minute engagement.

Saints in heaven , that was a bad movie. A little over a week after I saw this, but writing this show ruined my morning. I feel bad just thinking about it. it's about the fact that Disney made a lot of money with her. They're gonna keep doing this.

I think I can be patient.

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